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Some of our Visitors Cars are including at lot of brilliant details, made in thousands of hours working time. To give these cars the double space and more attention, than the "normal" Cars, we have decided to create a special VIP Area. In this Area the 50 realy best of Show Cars will be exhibited very exposed.

Who will be One of these 50 VIP's, is selected by a Jury at the End of April.

Everybody can apply his Car for a VIP-Parking place by a Request form, which was published here until 30.April 2016.

But watch out : if you have tuned a lot, it don't means you're automaticaly a Winner. The Car's harmony decides, not the plenty of Tuning.

The Jury will select the 50 VIP Cars at the End of April/beginning of May, by their own criterion. To enforce a VIP-Parking is in vain. 

The Winners will be contacted soon, by phone/email. They will be asked to pay a special fee for the VIP Parking. This Money and the rest of the Events profit will be donated for a social project.

After we've recieved the VIP fee they will recieve their personal VIP-Parking Lincense plate, for the free entry to the Event.